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We offer graphics for stories such as banners, story posters , and story backgrounds. Our number one goal is to give our customers the best quality graphics that makes you want to come and request for more. If you own a site and want a header, we also make site headers as well as site affiliate buttons . All it takes is 3 easy steps. Just read the rules, fill out the form with details and hit submit. So why don't you come and give a try? Still hesitating? Well go and check out the past works of our designer and then make your decision to request or not to request. We hope though, that you choose to request.

it is a once in a lifetime chance.
new layout
Thursday, April 11, 2013
here is finally the new layout that i promised long ago.
i finally got the chance to make it. it's featuring DSP's A-Jax.
i tried to give it a spring feel, but let's see what you think.

i'm not the best with updates.
i just really only updated to let you know that there is a new layout.

and that i am still taking requests.
hello everyone,.
Wednesday, February 13, 2013
i apologize that it is not often when i do come on and update the website.
school and life has just kept me away. and i cannot lie. i lost motivation.
i am lost at the moment. on if i should stay solo or find people.
but until then, i will take requests alone.

speaking of requests,well, until november of this year, i will try my best to take in requests.
why november? my domain expires in november. you might see me with a new site then.
but until then, topheadliners is only here until november and i do not plan to renew.

another thing about requests,
i have now only changed it to story posters and background for stories.
i will no longer be doing any other types of graphics because i am forever lazy.
and i want to start off easy to get back into motivation to do art.

a new look will made sometimes within the next week if i can find the time to make it.
i am currently a full-time student that attends campus monday through saturday.
with sunday being my only free day. but even then, i have to jam pack everything in that day.
so please be understanding that i will try to get things done fast.

i am trying really hard this time to actually make the posters.
and not to laze off that i cannot finish requests.
i do apologize beforehand if i take a while to finish your requests.
however, most of the time i only take about a day or two to finish.
but if it comes in a bunch, i try to get the bunch done and upload all at once.

maybe with the new layout, i will add a new segment to my site.
but until then, i am only focusing on making story posters and whatnot.
Wednesday, October 31, 2012
So it's been a while since I've done any updating.
I am busy with school, but I feel I should get Top Headliners more active.
So soon, I will come back with a new layout.
I need to start advertising and affiliating more too.
I will try to come back more active.

Until then, do request still. I am still very open to graphics.
But since it's not that busy due to my over so laziness, i haven't checked my email a lot.
And therefore I do apologize when the requests are late.

Orz, okay I'm just trying to make this a long update. keke.
I am not sure what I am even babbling on about.
BUT I AM STILL VERY ALIVE. I've just.. been into roleplaying.
That is the reason for my absence. And it has been addicting.
But now, I will do my best to get into graphic designing once again.

I apologize if my work is bad or if I am a lazy person.
I will try my best to improve that. Until another day for a new update.

I bid everyone farewell with a wish to have a safe Halloween.
Kids, be safe! Have fun everyone! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Sunday, August 26, 2012
Just a little update since i haven't been doing any. Even though I don't do updates, i do update my status page and affiliate page. I don't have much to say, that is why i don't usually write update posts. But i just wanted to let everyone know, Top headliners is still alive and taking in requests. Though from now on, it might be slow. School has started now, and I won't have as much time. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't send in your request. Please do send them. But also just respect that I will be taking that three week to do your request.
Thursday, June 14, 2012
Today is the 14th, and as stated a few days ago, REQUESTS are OPEN.
So if you are in need of graphics do make an order.

Please read the rules, as I have added some things to my requests.
I have also changed my forms a bit but not so much.

All I ask is that you guys read my rules and follow them thoroughly.
Otherwise, have fun, request, and you'll get your design done asap.


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