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We offer graphics for stories such as banners, story posters , and story backgrounds. Our number one goal is to give our customers the best quality graphics that makes you want to come and request for more. If you own a site and want a header, we also make site headers as well as site affiliate buttons . All it takes is 3 easy steps. Just read the rules, fill out the form with details and hit submit. So why don't you come and give a try? Still hesitating? Well go and check out the past works of our designer and then make your decision to request or not to request. We hope though, that you choose to request.

it is a once in a lifetime chance.
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Let's chat and be friends
Friday, January 16, 2015
So, my boyfriend and I have decided we wanted to get friends and strangers together to get to know each other. The chat we opened was opened in hope to bring more hmong people together. We are open to other ethnics. The more the merrier right? Anyways, it's still new and not many people go there. It is so hard to get it active but if possible, anyone that wants to chat come and join. Please keep in mind, if you are underage, it's best to not come. Tinychat is a very open base chat and has a lot of things that are not meant for children to see.

However, keeping in mind that we are a family and willing to welcome all kind people, feel free to come join our chat. You do not need to make an account. It be nice but it is really up to you :D

don't be shy. and join us, talk to us.
( update ) Happy Belated New Years!
Monday, January 05, 2015
It's been about two years since I last was active. I am very apologetic about not being active. Life seem to just get a lot more complicated as you get older, the responsibilities and the education. Society seems to always be against us. But, on a sort of good note, I will be taking requests. However, I don't know if there will be any since Top Headliners has been MIA for a long long time. And I highly doubt that anyone is still around paying attention to me. I will try my best to stay active. Also, I finally got photoshop once again so now I can really make graphics. I feel though, because of being mia, my skills have gotten a lot worse than what they used to be. 

You can say, as I slowly lost interest in graphic designing, which is a bad thing, I found joy in another area such as roleplaying. Now that roleplaying has gotten boring for me, I've come to find that I miss designing. So here I am, trying to make Top Headliners alive again but we'll see how this goes. As everyone knows, I am quite the lazy person. 

Nonetheless, please bare with me. 

Besides that, I have made a new layout. I know it's not a new picture of the boy's latest release, however, I actually like the photo of them. Because being a jackson biased, hehe, it was the most decent photo I was able to find that would be of good and easy editing. 

I had so many artists that I wanted to make as a feature on my new layout, but in the end I had to settle for GOT7. I do not know why, but I just wanted to. And I am late for Christmas and a few days late for New Years but even so, HAPPY BELATED NEW YEARS.

I hope that this year be filled with nothing but good things for everyone and that whatever dreams you want, you get closer to achieving them. 

new layout
Thursday, April 11, 2013
here is finally the new layout that i promised long ago.
i finally got the chance to make it. it's featuring DSP's A-Jax.
i tried to give it a spring feel, but let's see what you think.

i'm not the best with updates.
i just really only updated to let you know that there is a new layout.

and that i am still taking requests.

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